Simplicity of Being...

PURE JOY   …..                          

“Everything that is seen from the Light turns into the Light.
But where does the Light come from and who is the one who sees it?”


”Who am I and what am I am looking for, Here, on Earth?”

A long time ago, a Blue Star asked me: Do you want to play together on Earth for a while?
…and I said YES.

The first game was that of Birth, then of Childhood, then of Maturity, with all the stories and life experiences. At some point in life, I don’t know why, the game pushes you outside of it. It’s as if you no longer find your place inside the play, and you desire to discover more, thus begins the game of Seeking.


 Game of Discovery

At 33, I asked myself for the first time:” Who am
I and what am I am seeking here?”
Several years of exploration followed…
encounters with people, books, courses,
teachers, healers, priests appeared- beautiful
experiences, but the final answer had not yet

Four years ago, I met two masters I’m grateful for,
Rune Heivang and Arne Bjellebo. Finally, the
answer to my question came from this non-duality
teachings. I received the Gift, Knowledge, and
Direct Experience.

Hallelujah ! …..Hahahhaha

Game of Sharing

Now , the joy of sharing this message, in my
playful and simple way appears.

I can choose to live quietly, without the need to
shout about it , because it is very natural and
effortless to be what you really are.
I can choose to share this experience with
others, inspiring them on their journey. This,
too, is natural and effortless.
Obviously, this is also an illusion, a game of
liberation, which more and more people are
starting to play.
I chose to be part of this game. The intention is
not to create a group or community, just to
inspire the others to be free, to be what they
really are.
Simplicity of being…pure joy…

Self inquiry

A simple tool to ask questions, and find Silence as the answer, always. It is so simple that even a child can understand and use it.

This tool helps in the liberation game  to avoid getting lost in stories and situations that may arise along the way .

Moving meditation : Flying Yogi

This is not a specific technique ; it’s about allowing the body  move freely, guided by the rhythm of the music.

It is the dance of joy,  a celebration of what already is here.

You are free to move and play ,  like a child. Enjoy it!

For me, Flying Yogi is the most beautiful and precious gift I have ever gotten. I say this because I really wanted to meditate but I couldn’t… It was boring and almost impossible to stand still, in a meditation position … Hahaha …

How did I discover Flying Yogi?

You are born to move freely in this world.

Don’t hide anymore behind a Guru or a Teacher…
Don’t loose yourself in all kind of groups and communities….

Be Free!!!

Over your head is only the Sky…blue Sky!







This is what you are, and nobody can give you or take away from you what you realy are…


Flying Yogi – Center Joy Of Life , Iasi

Every Thursday from 17 -18,30

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