How did I discover Flying Yogi?

It was my first retreat with Rune and Arne at the seaside. I found out about the teaching, about the Map, Silence, Presence, and Life Force energy. They were just concepts at the level of the mind, and the direct experience had not yet appeared…

At one of the morning meeting, Rune invited us to do some breathing exercises, then to raise our hands and rotate our bodies to the rhythm of the music. All I had to do was to keep my attention on the space between my hands. How cool, it was fun and very simple. I could move to the rhythm of the dance and meditate at the same time. I was like a child who received a new toy and I enjoyed it enormously.

I was going to discover the Presence for the first time. The body was moving and still, something remained motionless. It was a kind of motionless motion. Wow.

I was moving in the present moment that was not moving, it was always the same.

How beautiful! I was a drawing dancing on paper! Hahaha.

How distance is between the drawing and the paper?…No distance…The drawing and the paper are the same…

Something wonderful happened the next morning during Flying Yogi. I felt a gentle and loving presence, a glimmer of energy run through my whole body and come out somewhere through the top of my scalp. It was something new. The movements become more and more harmonious, the body moved by itself, surrounded by that presence. It was a lot of fun!

I didn’t know what it was, but it was nice. I knew the map, I had nothing to fear, I was on a magic carpet. I was afraid it would disappear .. Hahaha.
But since then it has never disappeared, not even for a second.
Later I would find out that it was the Divine Mother, Grace.

Flying Yogi is the dance of life, of joy, a celebration of the present moment.

I could tell a lot about what followed after that, a magical, unique, intimate journey…

My invitation to you, the one who reads these lines, is to discover yourself, to have your own direct experience, to enjoy Flying Yogi, to fly into the unknown, like a child.

It’s magical to be who you really are.

Enjoy it!

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