”Who am I and what am I am looking for, Here, on Earth?”

          A long time ago, a Blue Star asked me  : Do you want to play together on Earth for a while?…..And I said YES.

The first game was that of Birth, then of Childhood, then of Maturity, with all the stories and life experiences. At some point in life, I don’t know why, the game pushes you outside of it. It’s as if you no longer find your place inside the play, and you desire to discover more, thus begins the game of Seeking.

The game of Seeking stops when it stops… hahaha… and suddenly you can see: Wow… it’s just a game, what I thought I am is just a role, it’s an illusion, and this role seems to be constantly changing… and everything inside the game seems to be changing…

And, in the same time , it is something Here that remains unchanged, unmoved ….This is Pure Joy of Being, Majestic Silence. This is what you really are  and never will be changed.

After this understanding  Light appears, the Field of Light , in which Everything That Is appears and disappears – bodies ,thoughts, states, energies, life experinces….

Everything  seen from this Light turns into the Light.

Then you want to shout ”Stop, wake up, it’s just a game, an illusion…don’t take it too seriously”

You are no longer the actor, but you are the stage on which the theater play unfolds . That is never fades.

You realize that YOU, with your birth, name, story and life experiences, don’t trully exist ; it’s just an illusion, a role in the game of life on Earth.

You are Nothing , yet , you are Everything.

And this is the discovery, this is the Game of Liberation. This is why you came to Earth. To play this game and never come back here, because this is absolute  experience of what you really are.

After discovering your true nature, nothing in this world can not give you or take away from you what you already are.

Enjoy it!

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